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This is the hobby site for Ian Roberts, here you can find links to my music videos, blog and other examples of misguided creativity.

About AbsoluteDestiny

I've been making fan work under the name AbsoluteDestiny since around 2001. Starting with work in the anime community, I did a small amount of Fansub work before focussing heavily on Anime Music Videos, of which I produced a significant number.

More recently, I have been involved with live action fan music video making, Vidding, and while I do still have keen interests in Anime, my music video production has moved more toward live action film and television.


I keep a not-very-regularly-updated blog at here on livejournal. My old amv blog can still be accessed here.

I also run another website intermittently called Derivative Art, which contains meta about derivative works such as fan vids.

Contact details

I can be contacted a number of different ways:

Other works

I have written and contributed to a number of technical guides on digital video which are scattered around the web in various locations.